Should A 70 Years Old Person Exercise?

low in intensity exercise

Exercise is the vital aspect of life which can help in keeping the body fit and fine. Also, exercising in 70 years old can be risky if not take care properly and also it is essential for better body posture. It helps in eliminating the risk of high blood pressure, cardiac arrest, and many other issues which describes that there are loads of pros of doing exercise in 70. There are some special exercises for the people who are around 70 like cycling, walking, little bit of running, and much more.

So doing senior exercises can be literally the best way to live a life in a healthy way. Also it might includes many things like aerobic, flexibility, laughing, and many others.


Things to take care about

There are many things that needs to be taken care if a senior do lot of exercise in their day to day life. Number one is that they should rest properly because it is essential for them. If don’t then they might have to face some issues like they won’t come to exercise properly and thus it will result in unhealthy living. Also they should be aware of the injuries because in the senior stage of life any kind of injury can take place and that is the main reason to take care of.

They may also feel exhausted after plenty of exercise so they should focus on the liquid diet like juice which will help in regaining of their energy.

Negative impacts to be kept in mind

There are many negative impacts too that needs to be kept in mind like senior can feel dehydrated all the time which is why they need to increase the consumption of water. Also dizziness is common in that stage so they must take a break from the exercise if they do not want to ruin their health. There are some adults around 70 those who might be pushing hard which is not good for their overall health.

Seniors should begin with low in intensity exercise which would be beneficial for them. Also they should not exercise alone as it can be harmful for them. There should always be an assistant with them who can help them in performing exercise in good posture. It is because if the posture is not good then they might face issues in their back.


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