Different Ways To Relax With Breathing

belly breathing

If you want to overcome the stress and keep your body relaxed then you should perform some breathing exercises which can be done right at home. In this article you will come to know about different ways to relax with breathing which will make it easy for you to relax yourself on your own. So if you are ready for doing deep breathing exercises to relax then all you need to do is stay with us till the end.

Different ways to be considered

If you want to learn about how to perform breathing exercise then you need to pay attention on all the points which are going to be discussed below. Those will be going to be simple and easy to perform-

  • Belly breathing

In this you need to sit flat or you can lay down which is up to you in the comfortable position. Now the thing you need to keep in mind is put one hand on the belly right below the ribs and other on the chest. You need to breathe in as much as you can and breathe out like you are whistling and make sure to do this 3 to 10 times.

breathing exercises

  • Roll breathing

In this your lungs will be used the most and also you need to focus on the rhythm of your breathings. Your left hand should be on the belly and the other one on your chest. You need to breathe in a way that your left hand goes up and your chest remains still. Thus you need to perform it 8 to 10 times and see the result. In this way you can cope up with stress on your mind just simply by doing some breathing exercise.


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